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Outside, “all in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died” (Genesis ).

But what about the fish and other marine creatures? How could they survive, particularly both fresh and saltwater forms? Over 95 percent of all fossils are marine creatures. Many are buried in great fossil graveyards, tightly packed together, choked with sediments, buried before they had time to decay.

Obviously, they didn’t live in the environment in which they died.

They were transported by rapidly moving water and then buried in sedimentary deposits. In the complex of events and conditions that made up the Flood, certainly there were pockets of fresh water at any one time.

Whole fish and fillets should have firm, shiny flesh and bright red gills free from slime. The flesh should spring back when pressed and should not appear dry or mushy in any areas.

Fish fillets should not display darkening or drying around the edges.

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It was either our great-great-great (repeat many times) grandfish. deserves your now fully human attention is that Shubin is such an engaging guide to what could otherwise be a dry and dusty topic, but which, thanks to his genial enthusiasm and clarity, is anything but.Being there again, telling the story to a fresh audience right at that wonderful, magical place was just wonderful.” Equally wonderful is the bombproof logic of what they found and what it meant.

The term symbolism, there is no attempt to justify mythic narratives or even to render them plausible.… continue reading »

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