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It's a markedly less prude world we're living in these days, and the gods behind your favorite series have been quick to respond.

Suddenly, watching TV with the family is now a cause for a lot more uncomfortably awkward moments.

About In this episode, Reidenberg travels to New Zealand to uncover the mating strategies and anatomies of dusky dolphins, who form mating groups that leap from the water in perfect unison.

In a high-speed chase, males pursue females and rapidly mate with them — in just two seconds.

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TV across all sub-genres, from HBO all the way down to ABC, has gotten, well, hotter.

The episode explores koala conservation efforts in Brisbane that use artificial insemination to boost the numbers of koala babies.

Reidenberg visits a pioneering breeding program at the University of Adelaide to learn more about preservation efforts to save the extremely endangered southern brush-tailed rock-wallaby in South Australia.

But over the past few years, as TV has enjoyed a golden era the likes of which it's never seen before, many of its previous boundaries have fallen away as well (these two developments are probably not mutually exclusive).

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