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Unless you count cookbooks: "Take one slave girl, spank firmly until bright red..." No, I guess not. Drop me a note, too, if you have any questions or would like more details about a specific part of my life. I was born in a log cabin deep in the Illinois woods..wait... Sorry about that, but I still don't always know how to handle all this freedom I've been given.I think the spirit of Abraham Lincoln is trying to channel through me. I never could handle my alcohol..that I really had any, until recently. Actually, I was born on a farm on the plains of Kansas, in the early spring of 1921.I don't remember being born, of course, but that's what my papers say.Note that I didn't say "Birth Certificate." Slaves \have Ownership Papers, not Birth Certificates..A fully trained sex slave might be used as a breeder or a farm hand, and a serving girl could be used as a rape slave.

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True slavery is not like playing some bedroom game, where it's over once everyone cums. My life has always had a purpose, and I have always had a personal goal.

That purpose has been to provide service to others, and whether that service is of a sexual nature, or something more mundane like washing dishes, ironing clothes. My goal was, is and always has been do to my Owner's bidding perfectly, and with absolute obedience.