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Species distribution and diversity contains countless problems for a global flood.

It is not only Australian marsupials, but pockets of animal life around the globe that keep raising this issue.

The Watchtower uses the argument that a land bridge existed for marsupials to cross.

"Some have contended that the presence of animals on isolated islands like Australia and New Zealand is an indication that not all land animals outside the ark perished in the Deluge.

Furthermore, one third of its plant life, over 700 species, are unique to the island, including Dracaena cinnabari, the dragon's blood tree.

Other than invoking a divine transportation miracle, how did the animals travel to these islands, and what did they eat along the way, when they have highly specialised diets and climate requirements? This is compounded by the limited number of species that could be carried on the ark, as discussed later.

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Noah's flood is an account from Genesis chapters six to nine. After several months, God caused the waters to subside and the ark came to rest on the "mountains of Ararat", in Turkey.

Possibly there were also other ridges, and animals could have migrated by means of these before such ridges sank below the surface of the ocean.

Other oceanographic studies have turned up evidence that once there existed a huge South Pacific continent that took in Australia and many of the South Sea isles.

Although the arguments presented for a flood are from Watchtower publications, little of this originates with Watchtower writers, but borrows heavily from fundamental Christian sources.

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Following are key areas to consider when deciding if a global flood is possible, presented in layman's terms.

If such was the case, then, of course, the animals had no difficulty in migrating to these lands." it-1 pp.