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"I began thinking of how lucky I was to have her show me around."Roll the dice again, I decided."Wow, is something on fire?""My name's Jason.""Well, Jason, let me show you around."As I followed Beth into the school, I was surprised to find she was so open and friendly with me even though we just met.He didn't leave without pointing and glaring at me.I hope I haven't forgotten everything.." I spoke out loud as I pondered the thought."We can go over the rules, if you want." Chuck offered."No, I think I can manage.""Heh, okay, rookie.As I did, Howard walked over and he looked equally as tired."Right on, man!She smiled as I approached."Hey there, Jason.""Oh, uh...My friends are throwing this party down at the beach.

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I'll think about it." In fact, I was already thinking about it.

"I hope you're as excited about today's quiz as I am!

So you definitely need to do some work to keep that GPA up!

" He stormed off and Beth ran after him, I'd guess, to try and calm him down, though it looked impossible to do at this point.

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I looked around the area for a few minutes before finally I found it at the end of the hall, the last door on the right.

John is the default name for the character, and can be customized.